Revamping Griffith Creek:
EVOC Dig Day with
Revelstoke Cycling Association

Revelstoke, BC

On a beautiful Saturday, June 15, the EVOC team partnered with the Revelstoke Cycling Association for a thrilling and productive "Dig Day." With an abundance of enthusiasm and energy, volunteers gathered to make improvements to the beloved Griffith Creek trail, bringing new life to this favorite local spot.

What We Did

The primary goal for this Dig Day was to improve a section of the Griffith Creek trail, specifically focusing on adding two new berms to maximize speed, flow, and the overall stoke level for riders. With plenty of buckets, trail building tools, and some amazing EVOC swag and products for giveaways, our team was well-prepared for the task.

The day began with a brief orientation on trail building techniques and safety measures. Volunteers were divided into groups, each assigned specific tasks to ensure an efficient and collaborative effort. Under the guidance of experienced trail builders, participants learned how to shape and sculpt the berms to create a smoother, faster ride.

Community Spirit and Fun

The spirit of camaraderie was palpable as volunteers worked side by side, sharing stories and laughter while transforming the trail. The combination of hard work and shared passion for cycling created a unique and enjoyable atmosphere. Breaks were filled with chatter about upcoming rides and personal biking adventures, strengthening the bonds within the cycling community.

Check out the highlights from our Dig Day! We've compiled some fantastic pictures and a short video showcasing the hard work, fun moments, and the impressive trail improvements.

Looking Ahead

EVOC is committed to supporting local cycling communities and enhancing trail systems. The success of this Dig Day inspires us to plan more events like this in the future. Stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved and make a difference in your local trails!