EVOC Air Circulation Technology

AIR CIRCULATION is used in all our backpacks, as it ensures optimum ventilation while preventing excessive cooling down of the sensitive kidney area, even during extremely high-strain activities or intensive perspiration. Constant, free air circulation is guaranteed as a result of the vertical air channel. Gaps along the sides of the channel allow additional air to escape.

EVOC Air Flow Contact System Technology

The requirement here is to transfer loads to the body’s centre of gravity such that they become neutral, while at the same time minimizing the contact areas with the back. We solve this contradiction by means of a back component where all ventilation components such as large ventilation channels and specially grooved and perforated EVA pads behind mesh material have practically been moved to the inside. This ensures that the pack fits close to the back and simultaneously provides optimized back ventilation.


The AIR PAD SYSTEM with its arrangement of five ventilation channels (one main channel and four sub-channels) and six strategically positioned 3D air mesh pads offers the optimal combination of a close, load-neutral fit and back ventilation. The shoulder straps with air mesh and large ventilation holes ensure that the pack remains securely in place in any situation, and provide optimal breathability on the shoulders as well.

EVOC Air Tune System Technology

The lightest back system for our lightest backpacks. The AIR TUNE SYSTEM offers minimal contact surface and maximum back ventilation for high performance use. Ventilation channels, 3D air mesh padding and shoulder straps with ventilation holes make up the key features for maximum breathability when every second counts or simply for that little bit of added comfort.

EVOC Airo Flex Technology

AIRO FLEX is an extremely sturdy material that is both permeable and flexible. We use it for our top-quality hip belts to ensure optimum load transfer to the hips, with simultaneous maximum ventilation – for utmost carrying comfort.

EVOC Airshield System Technology

The lattice structured elastomer protector construction provides 360°
back ventilation and ergo-dynamic flexibility at the same time, through its hexagonal elements. Directly attached to the protector, a range of 12 elastomer pads with mesh effect minimize the contact points for optimum breathability. In combination with mesh padded, ergonomic shoulder straps and extra wide hip wings with AIRO FLEX applications, this backsystem offers maximum carrying comfort.

EVOC BOA® Fit System

The revolutionary and award winning BOA® Fit System, delivers a closure and adjustment solution, purpose built for performance. The perfect combination with our bike packing products ensures infinitely variable, quick and easy attachment to your bike.

EVOC Body Hugging Fit Technology

The distinguishing feature of EVOC's “Body Hugging” fit is that the backpack'scentre of gravity is positioned as close to the body as possible, and the load is distributed over a large area and transferred to the hips. Optimized linking of the shoulder straps and the wide hip wings that “grow out” of the back part ensure that the backpack remains firmly in position during any kind of activity – for more comfort and control.

EVOC Brace Link Technology

The BRACE LINK adjusts the shoulder belts perfectly to the width of the athletes shoulders. This automatically adjustment endorse the load transfer to the body’s centre of gravity, while at the same time the contact areas with back and shoulders are minimized. Even wearing a neck brace is possbile through the BRACE LINK.

EVOC Liteshield Back Protector Technology

The EVOC LITESHIELD BACK PROTECTOR combines maximum protection against falls and a feather- light, highly effective construction with a great deal of flexibility. At the same time, it is completely impervious to temperature. As is the case for most sport helmet manufacturers, we use an EPS construction, although ours is specifically adapted to back protection requirements by means of a segmented, multi-layer approach. Besides featuring excellent shock-absorbing properties, this protection concept enables fall damage to be identified immediately, so that the protector can be individually replaced.

EVOC Liteshield System Back Protector Technology

The core component of the protector backpack system is the extra-wide, ergonomically shaped neoprene hip belt with Velcro fastening and a large heavy-duty buckle. This system transfers the main load onto the hips, namely right to the body’s centre of gravity. At the same time, the ergonomically cut shoulder straps keep the backpack comfortably in the predefined position to guarantee perfect back protection. Mesh elements, EVA foam with ventilation holes and a large, central ventilation channel ensure good air circulation.

EVOC Liteshield System Air Back Protector Technology

This system combines the essential back proximity for a back protector with maximum back ventilation. The back area is close fitting and features a large, central ventilation channel as well as two rows of “ventilation grids”: air mesh-covered EVA foam strips with ventilation holes and a special gabled groove reduce the contact surface on the back, which improves air circulation. The extra-wide, ergonomically shaped hip belt is made from our AIRO FLEX material. In this way, the main load – even in the case of a fully loaded backpack – is transferred to the hips, where it is fixed, while optimum breathability is ensured.

EVOC Liteshield Plus System Back Protector Technology

Even though this new back protector is extremely light, flexible and non-temperature-sensitive, it offers superior impact resistance and energy absorption. The 2-component sandwich construction consists of a combination of expanded polypropylene and a TPU carrier layer. The expanded polypropylene pellets are brought into shape under high pressure and steam and simultaneously bonded with the carrier layer - without the use of adhesives or other solvents. The highly-compressed EPP foam protects the chest, lumbar spine and coccyx perfectly. The side facing your back is comprised of smaller cross- shaped portions SEGMENTED PLUS DESIGN). This construction creates numerous ventilation channels that provide improved air circulation. Simultaneously, these segments offer a vast range of motion in all directions: the cross-shaped protector elements can move independently. This degree of flexibility allows the protector to sit tight in any position and hereby ensures not only a higher degree of protection, but also improved comfort. The flexible, tear-resistant TPU support layer on the topside keeps the protector in shape. The stepped, horizontal flex lines enable the LITESHIELD PLUS BACK PROTECTOR to bend so that it sits perfectly on your back in any situation. The EPP material is a closed- cell foam which means that dirt or moisture cannot penetrate its surface.

EVOC Neutralite System Backpack Technology

Our NEUTRALITE SYSTEM stands for a neutral and light carrying feeling of our backpacks. The weight distribution follows the concept of body hugging to keep the pack in position – even during action-loaded maneuvers: Via segmented and strategically positioned back padding elements the load is transferred through well padded, ergonomically shaped shoulder straps onto a wide hip belt to the body's centre of gravity.

EVOC Venti Flap Backpack Technology

The VENTI FLAP system enables folding the back piece away for maximum ventilation, and thus enhanced carrying comfort. During longer ascents, you can increase the distance to your back by opening the adjustment strap to boost air circulation. During descents you can reduce the distance again, which then ensures that the backpack sits firmly and is completely neutral to movement.