EVOC Hydro Pro 6L + 1.5L bladder hydration vest worn by Singletracks product reviewer

Hydro Pro 6
Hydration Vest


The EVOC Hydro Pro 6 is the hydration vest you want for easy drinking and snacking on long rides without getting off your bike.

Words by Matt Miller

We often think that hydration bags for mountain biking have evolved into two distinctly different camps: the hip bag and full hydration pack. However the hydration vest proves that evolution hasn’t stopped, and there’s good reason to make room for a third option. Never mind chopping off the top half of a hydration pack to make it a hip pack; chopping off the lower half might be the better move.

EVOC Hydro Pro 6L + 1.5L bladder hydration vest has pockets on the front for snacks

On the trail

I really like full-size hydration packs on long rides where you need to pack everything in case of an emergency: rain jacket, tools, pump, snacks, and whatever else. As we know, they’re not always the most comfortable to lug around all day. 

Hip packs are great because they’re more comfortable, less sweaty, and generally, bounce around less than a full-size backpack (but not always). The bad thing about hip packs is that they can be hard to fit everything you need and many of them don’t stay where they need to and do bounce around on descents. 

EVOC’s Hydro Pro 6 combines the best attributes about both of these but in a different design. It has a slim profile, so it’s not the best pack if you’re looking to stuff a bunch of stuff into something. There is room for a small, packable layer on the inside, plus the 1.5L bladder, some small tools, and snacks can fit on your shoulder straps.

EVOC Hydro Pro 6 hydration vest back view
EVOC Hydro Pro 6 hydration vest front view

Bottom line

The EVOC Hydro Pro 6 hydration vest is a great pack option for riders who want a lightweight pack that doesn’t move around and has easy access to water and snacks.

Hydro Pro 6 + 1.5L Bladder


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EVOC Hydro Pro 6 liter volume hydration vest includes a 1.5 liter water bladder and is perfect for trail running, gravel and mountain biking. This extra lightweight hydration backpack sits firmly and comfortably on your back without covering bike jersey pockets. It also offers space for provisions and gear.

• 1.5 liter hydration system bladder included
• 2 nutrition compartments for bars or liquid/gel
• 2 chest pockets for gear you need to have quick access to while riding or running