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  • Fits most: Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro, Freeride, Downhill Bikes up to 29“, Gravel, Road, and Triathlon Bikes
  • External, separate wheel compartments with DISC PROTECTION
  • Smooth running skate wheels (replaceable)
  • 305L
  • Dimensions: 147 x 36 x 85 cm
  • Weight 9.6 kg / 21.2 lbs

See Airline Bike Travel Regulations chart for an overview of carrier terms and conditions.

See also air travel warranty limitations.

Customer Reviews

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Must have- with the wheel;)

These bags make life so much easier. I often travel with two bikes at a time and the little wheel in front makes dragging a bunch of bikes through the airport almost effortless. Use one hand for two bikes and gear bag in the other. Packing is easy with all the pieces and directions labeled. Compartments for pedals and rotors. I have a few extra things like a travel headset spacer and some foam Velcro pieces for derailleur, but other than that everything is secure and shows up safely. The metal base stand also works great as a bike stand, building up your bike until you need wheels, then flip the bike upside down and add wheels. I’ve had about 6 of these bags over time. I’d say durability is the only flaw but they last longer with these new models. Xoxo

Jeremy R
Great bag when it work, mediocre support (at best)

I have owned the two most recent two generations of Dakine bag, an Orucase and a couple of others. This bag, when It works is awesome. Easy to pack and easy to move around the airport and a reasonable weight.

When a couple of the rivets pulled through the plastic and fabric the back became a serious burden and would catch and drag on every tiny bump I went over.

I opened a support ticket with Evoc and they initially very responsive and sent a threaded rivet kit. I spent a couple of hours trying to make the parts they had sent work but the way the rivets had pulled out there wasn't no way to replace them without replacing the plastic they pulled out of.

I sent a bunch of photos and asked for additional help and got nothing for almost a month. When I received a response they said that the issue wasn't a manufacturers defect and I should have filed a claim with the airline. Well, the thing failed while I was pulling it through the airport, not while the airline was handling it. They suggested going to the hardware store to get some "parts" to fix it.

If there isn't a known issue (defect) why do you have a replacement rivet kit that you send out right away?

Not the support I would expect on a bag at this price point...

Timothy McGuire

I purchased this bag in September, 2023 after reading lots of reviews of different ones. Candidly, my first choice was a Scicon because it didn’t require removing handlebars, had a robust mounting bracket, and was cheaper. My bike was large enough that it didn’t fit at all. I then purchased the EVOC Travel Bag Pro.

Upon opening the shipping box and checking the contents, I found the aluminum rails were bent, both in the same place, obviously done upon packaging as the box was undamaged. However, customer service was prompt in replacing them.

I trial-packed my bike to make sure all would go well, and found no surprises. I found the simple instructions to be sufficient, supplementing them with a video. Having watched several videos on how to take a bike on a plane trip, I did remove the derailleur and disc brake rotors, packing them well. I have a Trek Domane SL6 with a 58 cm frame. I wrapped the seat stays and chain stays with preformed insulation, I did have to remove the saddle and seat post because of the bike size, wrapping them in bubble wrap, Padded the end of the seat tube and steering post. I wrapped some biking jerseys around other parts of the frame. I removed all batteries and carried them separately. Zipped everything and used TSA approved locks (purchased separately).

On the day we flew, I found that the bag was easy to move around with the included front caster, which you have to remember to remove and pack in the external pouch. The whole thing weighed in at 48 lbs. It wasn't too difficult the lift as necessary. We had a plane change in Denver on our way to Houston. The bag and bike survived the journey with no damage. The bag looked as good as new at the end of the trip, and I was grateful for that (thanks to baggage handlers).

So, I have one trip in the books, and am satisfied thus far. I feel good about the quality of the bag, and look forward to using it again. I know anything can happen, but the bag performed well, was easy to maneuver, and wasn’t difficult to pack.

Jairo Quintero

I own both an MTB and a ROAD bike and I prefer the Travel Bag Pro for my MTB for which it is obvious you have to disassemble the handlebar. I did not like having to disassemble my ROAD bike's handlebar since it is e-shiffting and hidden cable design. Great bag for the MTB, I will be ordering the Road Bike Bag Pro for my Road bike.

Jeani Kosht
Mostly a great bag except one detail

Love the evoc bags - this is my second bag…really like the design with the aluminum rails the bike mounts onto…however, the aluminum is very fragile…and it doesn’t take much pressure to bend it. One of our bags after a flight, and the aluminum rail was bent…mostly likely from an inspection by TSA…or perhaps (not likely) a very hard impact to the bag during travel. Would love to have a much sturdier option rather than aluminum. I’d even deal with the extra weight that may involve. My partner and I both have this bag, and we’re planning to design a better option for the two rails. If we come up with a good solution, we will update review. If anyone else out there comes up with a better solution, please share !

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