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  • Fits Plus- and Fat Bikes
  • Variable Frame Fixation Equipment (VAFFE)
  • Separate Wheel Compartments
  • Collapsible to: 143 x 41 x 28 cm
  • Maximum wheel base: 125 cm incl. handle bar- and fork protection block (130 cm without handle bar- and fork protection block)
  • Reinforced fork mount
  • Weight 9.6 kg /21.2 lbs

See Airline Bike Travel Regulations chart for an overview of carrier terms and conditions.

See also air travel warranty limitations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great bag - a *major* squeeze for a XL bike

I'm thinking "XL" so it'll fit a XL bike... 29" wheels, etc. ... no problem, right? well.. not quite... Found out too-late-to-return that the wheelbase capacity of the bag is 125cm... my Fezzari XL is 126cm long... my Trek Slash is 126.4cm. That extra ~ 1/2"? Immensely tough squeeze - the problem is that this is largest bag on the market... ** IF ** you need to squeeze a XL bike into this bag, here are some tips: (1) deflate the front fork so you can drop that as low as possible, (2) do NOT put in your tires until 100% done, it will just be more cumbersome, (3) the toughest part will be the rear triangle - laying the bike bag on it side is easier ... a tip I figured out is if you sit towards the end of the bike (with the bike in the bag laying on its side), then put one foot on opposing sides of the triangle (elevating the triangle) - that way, when you compress the triangle to get it to squeeze into the bag, it will simply press harder onto the opposite side of bag (ground level), impairing progress/net gain - but when elevated, you can make progress.. (4) use the 'long' zipper... It WILL eventually fit but be sure to put a small stack of business cards (for a hard-pack cushion) between any risky points (especially the back-most frame points and the top of the stem).

Kody Schafer
10 trips later

Really like this bag. I've never had a problem (except Southwest) with airlines, flies like a normal checked bag.

I would recommend using foam pipe insulation as additional protection, and make sure not to pack your CO2 cartridges.

This has saved me in the long run hundreds if not thousands in bike rental fees, and I get to ride MY bike more importantly.

john j potocny

Super nice bag. Fits my Jones+ bike well but with my 31lb bike and this 22lb bag I got dinged at the airport an extra $145 for over 50lbs… my bad for not checking the specs before ordering…

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