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Bikepacking Gear of the Year 2021 Blue
  • Low profile back system that fits more snugly to the back
  • AIRFLOW CONTACT SYSTEM for perfect back ventilation
  • Freely configurable camera compartment
  • The camera can be accessed easily and swiftly
  • Ergonomically optimized, adjustable hip belt system with quick access hip pockets
  • Usefully positioned compartments for small items
  • Carrying comfort assured through the easy adjustment of the gap between back and pack using the VENTI FLAP system
  • Integral rain cover and belt system for holding a tripod
  • The main padded camera compartment is protected by individually adjustable compartment dividers

Customer Reviews

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Todd Miller
Great balance of size, protection, and weight

I use this pack mountain biking, mostly when doing photo shoots where it's way too far to hike and I need my big camera. I carry a Z9 and either an 85mm f/1.8, 14-30 f/4, or 24-70 f/2.8. To fit the gear, the lens must be detached, but this places the load closer to my body and reduces stress on the lens mount. The pockets on the side are perfect for tools, spare hardware, and sporty snacks. The cinch straps and high density foam create an incredibly secure system that I have no problem riding at full speed downhill, which isn't the case when I carry my full size camera + lens in a backpack. The load is also less noticeable in the lumbar region than when carried on my back. That may be due to the sense of security and lack of movement compared to a backpack. It would be nice to have options for a second lens, but then it wouldn't be so compact, stable, and unobtrusive. I'm a big fan. Thanks for making this pack!

EVCO looks cool but....

Hey guys... You make some great looking product but as someone that has been in the product development industry for 17+ years I fail to see the field testing you have done. More specifically on the packs you claim to be camera packs. Even more specific, what lenses do you use to fit in your packs. I Run a Sony A1 with a 16-35, 24-70 and 70-200. You make the packs look AWEsome on the website but when you actually try to fit your gear into the packs it doesn't fit....
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