EVOC Reviews: Tailgate Pads

Taking the truck to the trailhead, it's a common mountain biking theme. Time-tested tailgate pads are still the easiest, most cost effective way to transport bikes in the back of your truck, whether heading out for a quick rip on your favorite local trail, or loading up for a big shuttle day. 

Of course, trucks come in many shapes and sizes. Not everyone drives a monster truck, so we've made options to fit the big rigs on down to smaller trucks. And if you need to leave enough space in the back for an extra passenger, whether human or canine, or you just don't carry a full rack of bikes, you might even opt for a half rack pad. The choice is yours.

But what do the reviewers make of this? Well, take a look for yourself.

Tailgate Pad by The Loam Wolf

There’s a million ways to transport a bike, but few are easier and more effective than the tried and true tailgate pad. Brilliant in its simplicity, tailgate shuttles have always been my preferred method on transport, unless I need the full space of my truck bed for camping gear...

Tailgate pads are pretty simple, but it’s surprisingly hard to get one right. Does the EVOC pad tick all the boxes? Almost. My one major complaint is the pad’s interior finish, which may not even matter to people who aren’t painfully obsessed with microscopic paint imperfections

Aside from that, it’s an awesome pad that covered all the bases. It protects the truck with coverage from taillight to taillight and all the way down to the bumper. It also stays securely on the tailgate without the dreaded side-to-side slide that happens with a lot of other pads. EVOC did a fantastic job with the bike dividers too. This recent 2,000-mile trip is only the start of this pad’s life of moving bikes! Read more on the Loam Wolf.

Tailgate Pad Duo by Dr. J MTB

Quick review of the EVOC Duo tailgate pad that is small enough to work well for small tailgates like on my Jeep Gladiator. The fit and finish of this tailgate pad is legit. Perfect for 1 bike use with occasional 2 bike use.

Tailgate Pad by MTBR

Tailgate pads are not complex devices. In fact, many people just use a moving blanket or some other rudimentary padding when loading bikes on the tailgate of a truck. But as bikes get more expensive, trips get longer, and roads get rougher, there is something to be said for using the right tool for the job. Better to find a worry-free solution that can handle all roads and weather conditions. This offering from EVOC is one of the best.